Coordinating Services & Supporting Transitions

“It’s important for schools to support the transition from middle school to high school of a grieving child, informing the receiving school about what the child is going through, or what the child went through, to ensure that the emotional support is there as well and continues at the new receiving school.” (Teacher)

Grieving students interact with a large number of school personnel. This module addresses coordination of communication and services among school personnel providing support to a grieving student. This might include sharing strategies for reaching out directly to the student, staying in touch with the family to answer questions or offer guidance, and making plans to support grieving students over time. This type of planning can be especially important during times of transition to a new grade, a new school or after high school graduation.

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Communicating and coordinating services among school team members and family members

Supporting grieving students as they transition to new grades or schools

For more information on supporting grieving children, refer to The Grieving Student: A Guide for Schools by David Schonfeld and Marcia Quackenbush.