Connecting With Families

“Kindergarten is when Quentin’s father was ill. One of his teachers was just so supportive. She would text me during the day to let me know how Quentin was doing. It was an extra thing for her to take care, but it was just so supportive and helpful.” (Parent)

This module addresses the importance of proactively reaching out to families of grieving students. Educators can provide information, gain insights from the family about how the student is coping, and partner with parents/guardians to provide support over time. When a student is experiencing grief, ongoing communication between school and family becomes especially critical. Partnering in this way can help parents take steps to support their children’s learning and participation in school even during the difficult process of grieving.

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For more information on supporting grieving children, refer to The Grieving Student: A Guide for Schools by David Schonfeld and Marcia Quackenbush.